Lionel Lodge Trio (CAN/A) meets Florian Hammer (A)

Freitag, 17. Mai 2024 - 20:00


Scottish born but Canadian raised Lionel Lodge has covered many miles by swimming against the current. He's walked away from and turned down quite a few business situations that a lot of musicians would love to consider. He never took the easy road but broke molds and pushed himself into unknown caverns. Never happy with the status-quo, always looking for the deeper root.
Lionel has hitch hiked his way through many musical landscapes over the years but always kept a wild, Americana core, almost Gypsy in ways. His music stomps and swoons, howls high then hovers deep and low. He takes the musical carpet by the corner and swirls it around his head. Shifting from thumping rock to hot pepper Cajun, to swaying Celtic, to growling Blues, to laid back folk they slide around using Lionel's varied songs like a cross continental GPS. His lyrics - "With words and music Lionel painted pictures so vivid you could reach out and touch the canvas." Flicky Harrison, Swindon Evening News, England.
Lionel will be joined by long-time bandmates, Peter Beinhofer and Joe Schirl.
"...their style is characterized by Lionel Lodge's song writing which is filled with experience and close to life wisdom that traveling and meeting people and cultures all over the world brings." Karl Fluch, Der Standard, Vienna, Austria.
"Lionel may come rolling out of Vienna but it feels like the map reference ought to be somewhere between The Band's Woodstock, New York, and the original Allmans' Macon, Georgia. Roogalating, everything in the right place." Phil Sutcliffe, Q Magazine, England.
"Outstanding in every aspect!!!" Rolf Hierath, Radio RheinWelle 92,5, Germany



Florian Hammer ist Musiker, Songwriter und Musikproduzent aus Oberösterreich.